Apparently the folks at SWNS Digital aren't familiar with winter. Or flooding. Or derechos... Or, other folks have it worse. According to a new study they put out, Iowa is the least stressed U.S. state. Number two on the list, is Nebraska. Maybe it's a Midwest thing? Let's breakdown the findings.

In 2021, Americans are most stressed about;

  • Finances/their financial situation 41%
  • COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic 355
  • Politics and current news 29%
  • Work/their job 215
  • Social life/personal relationships 19%

Three out of four people also said that 2020 was the most stressful year of their lives. Despite the above stressors, and the rough 2020, Iowa is still the least stressed state in the U.S. Aside from Nebraska being the second least stressed, the other low stress states are all bunched up in a tie:

  • Connecticut (tied 40–46)
  • Maine (tied 40–46)
  • Maryland (tied 40–46)
  • Michigan (tied 40–46)
  • New Hampshire (tied 40–46)
  • New Jersey (tied 40–46)
  • Wisconsin (tied 40–46)
  • Minnesota (tied 47–48)
  • South Dakota (tied 47–48)
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