The "Nightmare Before Christmas" has now been out for 26 years. Whether you watch it as a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie, you have probably been involved in a debate on what holiday the movie is really for. I mean it has been out for 26 years and argued over for just as long... but as of today, the debate is over! Well, maybe.

Danny Elfman is the movie's composer and he was recently asked what he thought about this debate and his answer was that of course the movie is about Christmas but for him it is a Halloween movie. That does it people, the composer has spoken and there shall be no more debate about it!

Hey, if you don't believe the composer of the movie how about the director? Henry Selick has also said in the past that it is a Halloween movie because the characters are Halloween based.

Honestly, if all you Christmas fans are upset by this just keep your opinions to yourself and we won't judge you for it.

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