Well pizza fans, I hope plain cheese pizza is okay for a bit... Fox News reports there's now a shortage of pepperoni here in the United States due to COVID-19. As you likely know, pepperoni comes from pork and Iowa is the biggest pork producing state in the U.S., and top pork exporting state as stated by Iowa Pork Facts.

Because of the shortage, many restaurants have had to either change suppliers, or jack up the price of pepperoni pizza. You may recall, early in the pandemic ground beef shot up in price. That's leveled off a bit, so perhaps there's hope this will be short term. The main reasons for the shortage are pork processors have had to cope with a reduced number of workers during the pandemic, as we saw in Waterloo with Tyson a few months ago. Another issue is creating pepperoni is apparently not easy, it requires a lot of effort. Who knew. And then there's the fact more people have been home. Hence, they've likely ordered pizza in larger numbers since deliveries have been easier to attain for many than that restaurant experience.

Here's hoping this shortage is short lived! Viva pepperoni pizza!

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