Question I am sure you woke-up this morning wondering: Is it possible to have a plastic surgeon make it look like you're permanently throwing up rainbows?

Here comes a face palm moment... According to three dermatologists from the Boston University School of Medicine, there's been a rise in the number of people getting plastic surgery to look like Snapchat filters.

If you've been under a rock since 2014, Snapchat allows people to alter pictures or video with different virtual filters that add effects to your face, like making your eyes larger or making you look like a glowing angel or whatever...

The doctors say, quote, "'Snapchat dysmorphia' has patients seeking out cosmetic surgery to look like filtered versions of themselves, with fuller lips, bigger eyes, or a thinner nose.

"This is an alarming trend, because those filtered selfies often present an unattainable look and are blurring the line of reality and fantasy for these patients." YIKES.

Technically this isn't anything new, people used to look at celebrities for inspiration for plastic surgery, so some folks have always aspired to look like someone or in the case, something else.

I guess I wouldn't mind having permanent dog ears if it meant more scratches under the neck...

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