Apparently, someone forgot that Halloween is in October and not December. This is 'Crappy News' for Friday, December 8th.

Clearwater, FL- A kid was busted after a botched booty call.

I think EVERY guy can relate to what was going on in this dude's head.


18-year-old Ruben Hughes received a message from his girlfriend on Saturday night asking to come over for sex. Hughes--as most 18-year-old boys would be--hopped in his car and sped toward her house, which caused police to begin following him.

Hughes, undeterred by the blaring sirens and flashing lights, continued darting down the road and inadvertently started a high-speed chase.

Some other cops joined in, and Ruben finally noticed them and pulled over.  Even when he told them why he was speeding, they didn't take any pity on him. Hughes was charged with FELONY fleeing and eluding. He also has three prior speeding violations, though it's unclear if those also involved booty calls. [The Smoking Gun]

Greenfield, WI- This criminal should at least get credit for his honesty...

Curtis Trotter robbed a bank at gunpoint November 28th and made off with almost $8,000 cash.

Background with money american hundred dollar bills - horizontal

A detective in an unmarked squad car spotted the suspect about two blocks away. Police say Trotter saw the officer and started to run. The cop chased Trotter on foot and eventually captured him. The money was recovered and a .380 caliber handgun was found in Trotter's pants pocket.

When asked if he thought he could get away with robbing a bank, Trotter said he figured the cops would catch him, but not until "after Christmas or something." He's facing charges of robbery and firearms possession. []

When someone tells you they're "just trying to make it through the holidays," this usually isn't what they mean.

New Orleans, LA- A homeowner is being criticized for disturbing Christmas decor.


Normally, you're used to seeing an intricate light display, Santa Claus, a snowman, or possibly even a nativity scene. Just not at THIS house.

These decorations depict the carcass of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer being cooked over an open flame. Neighbors have complained about the display, but it's not sure if Rudolph will be taken down. Maybe it's an inside joke, maybe he's just REALLY into hunting, but it doesn't exactly scream "Happy Holidays." [WGNO-TV]

All this time I thought the song was about CHESTNUTS roasting on an open fire...

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