Oh man, this sounds incredibly dangerous and like a disaster waiting to happen...

There's a new bar that opened this past weekend in St. Louis.  And instead of charging people by the drink, they're charging you by the hour for unlimited drinks. Yes, you read that correctly. It's $10-an-hour for regular drinks, or $20-an-hour for premium adult beverages.

They say their bartenders are going to carefully monitor how much people are drinking to make sure no one goes too crazy trying to get their money's worth. Good luck, I guess. It doesn't seem like that is all that smart considering there is really no way for a couple bartenders to fully monitor ALL the patrons in a crowded bar. Nevertheless, if you like cheap booze, and are willing to get a room, maybe it is worth a trip to St. Louis? Or maybe this concept will catch on and this deal will come to an Iowa bar? I guess only time will tell!


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