When it comes to using technology to find love, maybe stop at Tinder, huh?

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Lizzy Fenton. She was so into a fella named Carter that she whipped up a Powerpoint presentation for him explaining why they should go out. She shared it on Twitter for the whole world to see. Way to put yourself out there, Lizzy.

How'd it go? Well, let's just say Lizzy may want to keep checking out Tinder to find Mr. Right. Carter acknowledged the effort and then let her down -- also for the whole world to see.

Look on the bright side, Lizzy. At least Microsoft is into you.

A gesture like this may have fallen flat, but it's important to keep in mind that it could've been a big hit. If Carter had been touched by Lizzy's action then this could've been a sweet beginning to a relationship and we'd all be saying, "Awwww." Instead, he didn't reciprocate her feelings and we're all like, "What a weirdo."

It calls to mind the Dobler-Dahmer Theory from How I Met Your Mother.

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