The widely popular brick building toy company is going green and changing the way they make their toys.

For 60-plus years the Danish toy-manufacturer has built their bricks from plastic, but they are fine with leaving that all behind for something more eco-friendly.

Recently we've heard more about the dangers of climate change and how the use of plastics contributes to that.

LEGO higher-ups were listening and are ready to make a change.

By the year 2030, LEGO will be using a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective hemp plastic, even spending millions in the process to make it happen.

Why make the move to hemp?

Because according to, hemp is a robust material that is extremely versatile that can be used to manufacture everything from LEGO bricks to houses to clothing.

Some developers are even saying that hemp plastics are perfect for use in modern plastics because of its very high cellulose content.

Hemp plastics are also non-toxic, pesticide-free, along with lighter and stronger than their counterparts. They are also completely biodegradable within 6 months, compared to the half-life of petroleum-based plastic (10 to 1000 years, depending on the type of plastic).

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