In December, one child received a Christmas gift that he/she certainly wasn’t expecting --- a 400-pound playground slide.

But it wasn’t from Santa, it was from a Grinch, as the slide was stolen from a city park.

How did this nearly ¼ ton slide end up in a mobile home? It involves the theft of catalytic converters, where thieves cut up your car’s exhaust system so they can sell the heavy metals inside it.

The police had some leads and eventually a detective found a matching truck that was suspected to be involved in the thefts. So, at a mobile home park in the city of Burbank, with a search warrant in hand, they entered a home and found themselves face-to-face with the giant stolen slide…and stolen catalytic converters.

The Pasco Police Department said that most of the original playground set got left behind back in December, but the slide was taken, the top sawed off, it was repainted, and it was mounted on a bunkbed. Pasco Parks and Rec arrived and recovered the slide.

The suspect, Dustin Allen Bushnell, was booked in the County Jail on an investigative hold for Possession of Stolen Property (the slide) and for stealing catalytic converters.

Pictured on the slide is Detective Julie Lee:

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