The winter solstice is in the rear-view mirror. December 21st (the winter solstice) is the shortest day of the year, with all of us witnessing the least amount of sunlight on said day.

While this is the signal that winter is finally upon us (and snow and colder temperatures are just around the corner), there is a silver lining. After the winter solstice, we are usually expected to gradually get more sunlight and see the sun set later in the day as well, according to reports.

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Now, that we're in January we are already seeing a tiny change from right before Christmas.

You might be thinking...

Well, this is nice and all but when are we going to see noticeable change?

Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nebraska Sunlight Gains in January

There will be a huge difference in the length of the day over the course of January here in the Midwest. To be quite honest, the difference will be very small at first. However, by March "daily daylight expands by three daily minutes per day" according to the Farmer's Almanac.

Most of Iowa and South Dakota are set to gain approximately forty minutes of sunlight by the end of the month. In addition, all of Nebraska and Illinois will gain the same amount of sunlight.

The Southern parts of Missouri and South Dakota will only get thirty more minutes of sunlight.

Two thirds of Minnesota will see fifty more minutes of sunlight while the northern region of the state will get a whopping sixty minutes or more.

The northern most part of Iowa is set to get approximately of sunlight by the end of the month.

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