You seriously could've given me 100 guesses and I wouldn't have thought of this.

There's a dating app called Hater that matches people up by the stuff they say they hate (seriously...where was this when I was single?). And few things seem to generate rage like food, so Hater analyzed its user data to find each state's most-hated foods. Some of the results are pretty random.

For instance, Michigan claims to hate cold pizza the most, Louisiana could completely do away with raisin cookies, New Mexico's least-favorite food is chicken nuggets (shame on you, New Mexico), and Montana hates pumpkin I guess that means fall is canceled in Montana.

However, some aren't all that ridiculous. Texas loathes "well done" steak (well done, Texas), Florida hates black licorice, New York hates ranch dressing on pizza (because why would you want to ruin pizza?) and Washington, D.C. isn't fond of turkey bacon.

While Iowa's choice isn't exactly is a bit surprising. Consult the map below:


Quinoa? Seriously? Is it because it's hard to pronounce? Are Iowans just REALLY loyal to corn? It's hard to tell. Anything else on the map stand out to you? Moving to Arkansas because of your unabashed hatred of cilantro? Comment below!

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