Whether you are a fan of tattoos or not, they have become the norm in today's society. They are basically works of art in my opinion showing a story, having a deep meaning and connection to someone's life in the image or just something fun representing a like or personality. Whatever the reason someone gets a tattoo, it's fascinating to see their body turned into a canvas for their story.

I believe a tattoo can tell a lot about a person and love hearing the stories behind the tattoos. As tattoos become more popular in society, I decided to ask our audience on Facebook for images of their tattoos and the stories behind them to share the incredible artwork and stories of the Cedar Valley. These are only part one of images and stories we received as there were so many that were submissions we had to start somewhere.

Check out some of these tattoos below and see more on our original post! I started by sharing my own tattoo first!

Tattoos of the Cedar Valley



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