Hey, criminals, do yourself a favor: ignore the cliche and make sure you never return to the scene of the crime.

Check out this burglar in France who had the bad days to end all bad days when he returned to a store he previously robbed only a few hours earlier only to get stuck in a window.

The intruder (who's not the first to pull off this embarrassing stunt) had already finished the job and left the store when authorities responded to a call about a break-in. A few hours, officers were summoned to the store for a second time where they were greeted by the sight of the burglar himself wedged in a window that had been shattered. And he was drunk.

Scooby-Doo villains are better at crime than this yokel.

Authorities searched the man's home and found plenty of stolen merchandise from the store. It's not clear why he decided to go back to the store, but we're hoping we do because we'd love to hear the rationale of a man who became wedged in a storefront.

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