It's probably just a "me thing" but there's something about fall that makes me crave dessert. The weather is perfect, the scenery is changing colors, and that little part of the brain that makes us happy starts to fire off. Unfortunately for me, happiness come with a certain level of comfort, and comfort, comes with sweets. So naturally, I've been scouting google maps and yelp for killer reviews of dessert shops throughout Iowa. I think you'll be pleased with my top three.

3). Insomnia Cookies- Cedar Falls, IA

2). Sugar Shack Bakery- Sioux City, IA

1). Molly's Cupcakes- Iowa City, IA

Molly's Cupcakes. People forget just how delicious these little 'mini cakes' are. Molly makes her cupcakes from scratch as well as her ice cream, brownies and pies. The design of the treats alone will tantalize your senses. The taste will knock your socks off. If you find yourself in Iowa City any time in the near future. Check out Molly's. Your taste buds won't regret it.


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