Every so often I'll be scrolling through Facebook looking for interesting videos, shareable posts, and friends timelines to stalk. However, there are times when I feel like deleting Facebook all together might solve a lot of ongoing issues in my mundane existence. Watching the #BoyfriendChallenge was one of those times.

The entire challenge itself is the dumbest thing I may have ever come across. The challenge involves a young woman punching her boyfriend as hard as she can in the face while someone else records the video in slow motion. That's it. No witty banter before the punch, or playful roughhousing before the deafening blow. Just one good ole right hook to the cheek, followed by a slow motion fall to the floor.

At least the #icebucketchallenge was to bring awareness to ALS. It's like someone decided, "Hey I wanna punch someone in the face so I'll slap a hashtag on it and call it the boyfriend challenge".

Do us all a favor, don't participate in this. Keep the viral video trends to the professionals, and please, don't hit your boyfriend.

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