I'm all in on trying new foods, and I do a pretty good job of expanding my pallet to venture outside of my comfort zone. But after this recent Facebook poll? I seriously question some of your taste buds. I asked you all what your weirdest food combo was and got a  wide variety of answers including some interesting concoctions with cottage cheese, french fries and bologna. However, the most common and perhaps the weirdest of all combos in the Cedar Valley was... Pickles and Peanut Butter sandwiches.

OK, maybe I'm just ignorant, but there's no way this is an actual thing. I'm a big fan of pickles and peanut butter separately, but the thought of the two of them together sends shivers down my spine. I can't be too critical though, what's the old phrase? "Don't knock it til you try it?" I suppose a food challenge is in order. I have to see what all this hype is about. Is it really that good?

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