My daughter Carly has taken an interest in the night sky. She got a telescope for Christmas, and this summer we've enjoyed many a night gazing at the stars and the moon from our backyard. But there is another amazing sight you might be able to catch in Iowa this weekend, and you won't need a telescope to spot it!

Thanks to another powerful solar flare on Thursday morning, it might be possible to see the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in Iowa on Saturday. CBS2 meteorologist Nick Stewart explains that an X-Clas solar flare, the strongest kind of flare, has sent a huge mass of energy towards Earth called a CME. It is forecast to hit Earth late Friday into early Saturday morning. With the current weather forecast, peak viewing for the Northern Lights would be from 1 a.m. Saturday morning until sunrise. They could be visible again Saturday night right after sunset.

via CBS2
via CBS2

So who will have the best chances of seeing this amazing sight in the night sky? As you can see, CBS2 is saying that people who live north of Highway 20 have the best chance of viewing the Northern Lights. The farther north you go, the better your chances. Depending on where you live and the condition in the sky, you could see some amazing displays!

In addition to the Northern Lights, CBS2 also says that the solar flare could also cause some issues with the electrical grid and GPS. These issues are expected to be minor in nature.


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