There's just something about Monday's right? You can't really put you're finger on it, yet every time your alarm rings on this dreaded day you can't help but cry a little bit on the inside. It's easy to tell yourself  that it's just because we have to get up and go to work after two days off, but the REAL reason you hate Monday's might be more psychological than you think. Here's a few reasons why you ACTUALLY hate Monday's.

1). Everyone else hates it. (The Bandwagon Effect)

2). You don't like your co-workers

3). It's "back to reality"

4). The only thing to look forward to is Tuesday.

5). You hate your job!

Obviously, these aren't all the reasons you hate the beginning of the week, but take some of these into consideration. Did I miss anything? Message me on Facebook! My user name is Trace Moose, let me know why you really hate Monday's.


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