Losing in high school sports sucks. If you're a player who works hard every single day at practice, you want to see all of that hard work pay off. Some of my favorite memories from high school were riding the bus home with my teammates after really big wins. We'd have the music blasting, we'd be laughing and soaking it all in. Imagine a team never having that opportunity. At least not for the past 50 games. It sounds pretty miserable.

Last season was rough for the Iowa City West softball program. The Iowa City West Trojans went 0-31 this year. Ouch... For an entire season, the team suffered loss, after loss, after loss. Riding the bus home after a loss stinks. You could hear a pin drop on the bus when we lost in high school.

For Iowa City West, it's been a bit of a struggle. You actually have to go back to June of 2022 for the last time the team won a game. It has been 382 days since this team has won a game, according to CBS Iowa.

The Trojans had gone winless in the past 50 games according to CBS Iowa. At 50 games, I don't even think you can call that a slump. That's just bad luck. You'd think at some point, you could scratch out a win.

Well, I'm very happy to announce that the winless streak has come to an end for these Iowa City West ladies!


In the final game of the season for this team, they finally get to put a checkmark in the win column. The Iowa City West Trojans took down the Mount Pleasant Panthers 7-2. I can just imagine how exciting that would be for the players, the coaches, and the parents who've continued to support the team, despite the struggles the team has faced. Way to go ladies!

Just think, as the Iowa City West Trojan softball team heads into the 2024 season next year, they can say they're on a 1 game-winning streak. Hey, you have to start somewhere!

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