I was too busy laughing at how much the "average" wedding costs to really think about how long it takes to plan. My fiancee & I got engaged in August, and we're getting married in July. 11 months should be plenty of time...right? Well, yes and no.

A new study examined the wedding planning habits of 2,000 Americans who wed within the last year. And the average couple spent 528 HOURS putting everything together. That's the equivalent of 66 eight-hour work days!

94% of couples said having the help of their partner made things easier (DUH!), and 83% said it was easy to agree with their partner. But, there are obviously some things you'll disagree on.

18% of engaged couples argued about the catering, another 19% disagreed over who would be in the wedding party. Interestingly, the items people said were the most time-consuming--finding a venue and picking a wedding dress--were things we checked off fairly quickly.

If you're excited, happy, stressed, overwhelmed AND anxious about your ceremony...you're not alone. Those were the top five emotions felt while wedding planning. Check out the full report here.

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