These two kids are braver than I've ever been in my entire life... and they're only 12 years old! I've never really had the "need for speed" which has thankfully allowed me to drive for 15 years and not receive a single speeding ticket. I'm one of those never go more than 3 miles per hour over the speed limit kind of guys. I've just never felt like I was in that big of a hurry. These two are probably driving circles around me and they won't be getting their license for at least 4 more years.

Hawkeye Downs located in Cedar Rapids was created in 1989 and according to its website, the track features both a 1/4 mile and a 1/2 mile paved track, with banked turns. They have weekly races that feature stock car racing, enduros, street drags, drifting, and more.

Beckett Flannagan and Tallan Chandler are taking charge of the youth movement at Hawkeye downs this summer. They will both be competing in the Hornets division according to KCRG. After reading the Hawkeye Down Hornet division rule book, the Hornet division allows cars that must contain a front-engine, 4 cylinders, and front-wheel drive only. They don't allow Honda CRXs, station wagons, convertibles, or two-seat sports cars.

Tallan was behind the wheel of go-karts at just 5 years old. When talking to KCRG he said he's been waiting to get into bigger cars.

My dad’s been talking to all these race tracks trying to get me into bigger cars, and finally, Hawkeye Downs was the only one that will let me drive at 12.

Beckett remembers his first time driving at Hawkeye Downs. He reached up to 70 miles per hour and told KCRG

Well, the first time out here I went 70 mph. I told my dad that and he told me not to look at this speedometer while I’m racing

Seems like pretty solid advice in my opinion. Beckett's dad also told KCRG "sometimes he gets a little too competitive" with a chuckle.  Racing is a family affair for both of these 12-year-olds. Their dads both compete at Hawkeye downs as well.

You can cheer on Beckett and Tallan Friday nights at Hawkeye Downs. They have weekly racing, throughout the summer.

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