The whole Christmas experience is a lot different for kids and adults, and this one stat pretty much sums it up... A new survey from YouGov found the percentage of kids who HATE Christmas is exactly ZERO percent. Out of about 500 kids, not a single one of them said they hate Christmas. Zilch, zip, NADA.

  • 86% said they "enjoy it a lot"
  • 13% said they "somewhat enjoy it"
  • 1% said they only enjoy it a little
  • 0% said they don't enjoy it at all.

Here are three more stats from the survey:

  • The thing kids love most about Christmas ISN'T the presents it's not having to go to school. Presents are 2nd, followed by spending time with family, decorating the house, and all the delicious food. Giving other people gifts came in 6th.
  • 72% of kids made a Christmas list this year. When they were asked how many things are on it, the most common answer was between 6 and 10.  And 5% said they have more than TWENTY things on their list this year.
  • The top New Year's resolutions for kids in 2019 are to get better grades save up money, make more friends eat healthier, and listen to their parents more.

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