A peaceful protest has been set up to take place in Waterloo today, May 29th in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

According to a Facebook event entitled "I CAN'T BREATHE! March for George Floyd!", a marching protest will be happening today at 6 pm. Participators in the protest will be meeting at a grass area a block from the 6th street bridge to start the march. Before the march, there will be some speeches and then at 6:15 pm they will be marching to the parking lot of the courthouse and stand outside the police station. Once there, it is reported in the post that there will be a community lead prayer by Pastor Belinda Smith and then a speech from Representative Ras Smith. From there, they will walk to Lincoln Park to stand united.

For those that are worried about social distancing concerns during the pandemic, all participators have been asked to bring their mask as they will be enforcing social distancing rules. For those that want to participate but are worried about social distancing they have been notified that they can still participate by decorating their cars with signs and honk while driving on the 5th street bridge and then to Lincoln Park. Also it has been announced if you are sick, stay home.

For those worried about violent riots, it is important to note that the creators of the event have made it clear on their even that it is a "PEACEFUL PROTEST" and police presence will be there to help with this.

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