Waterloo just experienced one of the longest heatwaves in the city’s history. Beginning on June 3rd, the high temperatures reached or exceeded 89* every day through June 19th --- a streak of 17 consecutive days. That’s the longest stretch of 89*+ days since the 1930s and the sixth-longest EVER in Waterloo.

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The yearly average of consecutive days reaching at least 89* is just over six. Waterloo nearly tripled that number and summer officially just began on Sunday, June 20.

The all-time record is 21 straight days of temps reaching at least 89* from June 28 – July 18, 1921.

Waterloo has had 12 days in June exceed 90* -- the second-most all-time. Just one day shy of tying the record of 13 set in 1988. The monthly average for June with days reaching at least 90* is four days, Waterloo.

There has been a total of 13 days to reach at least 90* this year. On May 1, it hit 93* in Waterloo.

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The forecast through the rest of the month currently hints at high temperatures in the mid-80s.

Last July, Waterloo saw 15 days reach at least 90*. The 30-year-average for 90+* days in July is only five. 


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