Here comes the 90's! We will be experiencing a string of 90+ degree days this weekend and into next week, so, we might as well have fun with it, right?

It's so hot in the Cedar Valley that...

...I saw McDonald's employees making burgers on the roof of a car.

...the Water Hawks evaporated.

...the area cows are producing evaporated milk.

...Waterloo is now just 'Loo (Yes, that's another evaporation joke)

...three of the Four Queens melted.

...the Panther's are now the panters.

...residents are getting Busch Light intravenous.

...Bucks players are using a Slip-n-Slide to get from base to base.

...Washburn is changing its name to 'sunburn'.

...local athletes are testing positive for lemonade.

...people in Cedar Falls are going around the round-a-bouts over and over for the wind.

...dry cleaners in town are wearing your clothes outside to iron 'em.

...the trout streams are producing fried trout. the bladder dam is a bladder DAMN!

Sorry if you lose friends over this list!

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