There's little doubt in my mind that the '2020 is canceled' meme is sadly accurate. We know most area festivals are throwing in the towel, and we've also seen businesses that are able to reopen do so at a very limited capacity. With the pandemic never more than a click or tap away from our minds, in begs the question: What do YOU miss most from the pre-coronavirus world we lived in even earlier this year?

Well, Q92.3 posed that very question on social media, and you answered!

Common answers include:

  • A traditional graduation ceremony
  • Sports
  • Visiting family/friends
  • Going out to eat/drink
  • Concerts
  • Not being concerned about everyone getting sick
  • Going to the park
  • A smaller waistline (Ha!)
  • Gym visits
  • Shopping
  • Festivals

Here's hoping all these return soon. In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy and stay informed with our free app:

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