This year will mark 14 years since Superbad premiered in theaters, becoming an instant pop culture phenomenon and elevating Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse into bonafide movie stars. (Okay, Cera already had four seasons of Arrested Development under his belt, but still.)

Other the years, however, Mintz-Plasse — once a rising comedy star with new roles seemingly every week — has slowly seemed to fade from pop culture. Where did Christopher Mintz-Plasse go?

Thinking about the 2007 comedy classic got us wondering what McLovin in particular is up to these days. So, we rounded up five things you need to know about Mintz-Plasse's life now.

Looking back, he calls the sudden fame that came with Superbad "intense."

Following Superbad's overnight success, the then-17-year-old admits he wasn't exactly equipped to handle so much sudden attention on the world's stage.

"It was very tough to be a nobody one minute and then, literally, two days after the movie came out, it was me getting recognized everywhere," he told Page Six back in May. "It was very alarming, it was very intense. There was a lot of anxiety, a lot of breakdowns, but I had a great support system of friends and family, a great agent and manager to help me guide a career that I wanted — but it was intense."

The actor adds "it was very alarming for a 17-year-old person. I was trying to figure out who I was as a human being at the time and then to have millions of people knowing you as McLovin was very intense. It wasn’t like I was a working actor that worked my way up to a certain level of fame. It was zero to 100 very fast and I was barely out of high school. When it was happening I think I was young and dumb enough to go along with the ride, but looking back at it now it was very intense."

He recently appeared in a big Oscar hit.

While Mintz-Plasse has racked up a number voice credits over the years — from Fishlegs Ingerman in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise to King Gristle in Trolls — his most recent and perhaps surprising film appearance was in the 2020 Oscar-nominated Promising Young Woman.

"It was only five minutes,” he said in the same Page Six interview of his memorable scene opposite Carey Mulligan as "nice guy" Neil. “I had zero to do with its greatness but I recommend people go watch it if they haven’t seen it yet. I just think it’s one of the most challenging movies this year."

He plays bass in a band.

One reason you might not see Mintz-Plasse in scores of movies these days? He's also focused on music, playing bass in L.A.-based alternative rock band MainMan. Formed back in 2017, the quartet's first single "WWH" was featured on Funny or Die. Their follow-up EP, Social Security Party, dropped the same year, and more recently they unveiled single "Bitterman" back in 2019.

He's dating a music photographer.

According to his Instagram, Mintz-Plasse is in a relationship with music photographer Britt Bowman.

The actor shared a snap of the pair in June, writing, "We went to Fenway to celebrate my dads 70th bday but I’m posting this photo cuz my gf is just a little hotter than my dad! But I love them both!"

He recently got back on Twitter.

The 32-year old has been noticeably absent from Twitter in recent years, but decided to resurrect his presence on the platform this summer. "Hey / hi how is everyone," he tweeted on June 15, officially emerging back onto the Twitterverse.

Whether he decides to keep the tweeting going is anyone's guess, but for now you can follow him @MintzPlasse.

Perhaps the McLovin renaissance is almost here?

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