The 2017 National Spelling Bee just wrapped up Thursday night (bonus points if you know what "marocain" is). Watching these kids, it's amazing what the human mind is capable of. But while spelling may look easy to some pre-teen wiz kids, it can be VERY challenging for most others.

Google Trends put together a map of the top searched "how to spell" words by state in 2017, and is categorized by how many letters in each word were misspelled.

Google Trends
Google Trends

There are some genuinely tricky words on this list. The #1 most-misspelled word in Pennsylvania was "sauerkraut," New Hampshire's top search was "diarrhea," while four states had trouble spelling "pneumonia."

"Vacuum" was the top result for Iowa...which isn't THAT embarrassing (the double "U" could throw you off) but it still something you should probably know.

There are some very odd entries on this list; People in New Jersey apparently can't spell the word "twelve," Rhode Island needs to know how to spell "liar," residents of New Mexico have a hard time with "banana" and folks from South Dakota searched most for the correct spelling of "college."

Perhaps the most concerning of all? Wisconsin, where the most commonly misspelled word is...WISCONSIN. Let that sink in for a bit. Maybe it's all the beer??

Data was collected through April 30th. So..sadly, "covfefe" is NOT on this map.

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