We all scream for ice cream. McDonald's is keenly aware of this, so they're giving you a chance to win free ice cream FOR LIFE this weekend. Here's how.

National Ice Cream Day is Sunday (July 16), and to get people excited McDonald's is handing out free vanilla soft serve cones from 2-5 p.m. Just download their mobile app and you're golden.

Speaking of golden...one randomly selected McDonald's location will serve a lucky customer with a Golden Arches cone, which treats the winner to one free cone per week...as long as that stubborn soft serve machine ACTUALLY works. But remember, you have to play the game to win the prize. Make sure you download the app and head to the nearest McDonald's on Sunday and give it a try!

That would certainly make life pretty sweet. Free ice cream for one day is good, but free ice cream for the rest of your life? I'm lovin' it.

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