I'm a big fan of a good old fashion prank but when it hurts people then it's definitely not a good thing.

Bike Paths Are Very Popular In Wisconsin

I believe bike paths are good for a community. It gives residents somewhere to get out and exercise usually in a safe environment. In fact, we have them all over the Rockford area and they always seem busy. They're even very popular in Wisconsin towns too.

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Bicyclists Injured On Wisconsin Bike Path

As I said, bike paths are usually a safe place for residents to ride without having to worry about cars and other dangers. Unfortunately, several bicyclists got injured after a Wisconsin man decided to pull a prank on riders that would put their health in jeopardy. Luckily, the police were able to track down the jerk and arrest him.

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WI Man Arrested For Bike Path Prank

Prank Goes Bad On Wisconsin Bike Path

The incidents happened on a bike path bridge in Madison. It's one of the oldest pranks in the books. The suspect hung a cord across the bike path right in front of the bridge. The riders usually don't see it so they get clotheslined right off of their bicycle. Someone can get seriously injured from that stunt. The man put it up in the middle of the night so it was even harder for the early morning bicyclists to see it.

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When the local police were able to track down the suspect, he originally claimed to know nothing about the incident. After they informed him about the evidence, the man lied about why he did it. This guy claimed he thought the bridge was unsafe so he wanted to block it off so no one got hurt.

According to madison.com,

A Madison man who was charged in April with reckless endangerment for stringing wire in the dark across a South Side bike path, which snared and injured one bike rider, pleaded guilty Thursday to reduced felony endangerment charges.


Curtis L. Tessmer, 34, admitted to Circuit Judge Josann Reynolds that he intentionally strung the wire, described in a criminal complaint as a “black telephone cable-like cord,” across the entrance to a bridge on the Badger State Trail near Allied Drive.

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