Wedding season is upon us. You're about to be bombarded with invites and "save the date" postcards and tons of social media updates. In fact, one of my friends just picked out the gown for her wedding NEXT April (Hi, Abby). The older I get, the more weddings I go to. And while the ceremony itself rarely changes, most couples want their reception to stand out. IMO, the best way to do that is with food.

My friend, Jeff, and his wife had a MASHED POTATO bar at their reception, with spuds served in martini glasses! Weddings represent more than just two people exchanging vows and sharing a life together--it's about "marrying" your individual personalities, as well. Some couples are traditionalists, some are more outlandish. Some have expensive tastes, others are minimalists.

That said, many modern brides & grooms are deciding to ditch the iconic wedding cake and opt for more unconventional choices. Delish put together this (mostly) great list of alternatives to the traditional wedding cake:


I'm sure a wedding planner would cringe at the thought of these, but you don't need that kind of negativity on your special day. Besides...who wants to watch you feed each other? Any of these alternatives appeal to you? Check out more options HERE.

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