The Iowa Lottery announced its first jackpot winner for Lotto America, which was just re-introduced in November 2017. The original version of the game was replaced by Powerball in the early '90s.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

The winning payout was $4.38 million. Even crazier...the recipient of the winning ticket didn't even have to pay for it!

Throughout the month of May, random players will receive free lotto plays when they buy tickets in a particular game. In this case, the winner wound up with the Lotto America ticket for free after purchasing a Powerball ticket.

The winning ticket came from a Kwik Star store in Davenport.

According to the Iowa Lottery, odds of winning the jackpot in Lotto America are much more favorable (around 1 in 26M) compared to the Powerball (1 in 292.2M) and Mega Millions (about 1 in 302.6M) grand prizes. Congratulations!

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