This is one of those chilling things that you never expect to happen to you.

According to KGAN-TV, a suspect wanted for a homicide in Chicago was arrested in Johnson County on the interstate on Friday.

Justin Smith was arrested Friday in connection with a 2016 Chicago murder. (Photo: Linn County Jail)
Justin Smith was arrested Friday in connection with a 2016 murder. (Photo: Linn County Jail)

31-year-old Justin Smith was wanted for a homicide that happened in Chicago in November 2016.

Authorities received a tip that Smith had been hiding out at a home on the Northeast side of Cedar Rapids. Police reportedly watched Smith leave and eventually stopped him on I-380 Friday afternoon before bringing him to the Linn County Jail.

What makes this story particularly shocking is the fact that my girlfriend & I basically live right across the street from his hideout. She sent me a Facebook message about the arrest on Friday afternoon, but I didn't see it until I'd gotten home Friday night.

When I read the story and saw the address I got legitimately freaked out. Usually, she's the overly-paranoid one in the relationship, but I think her reaction was probably justified. Knowing where a suspected murder lives is pretty sobering.

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