Ummmm, why am I just now finding out about this?

I've played the classic card game Uno my entire life, so I'm quite familiar with the power one can wield with a Draw Four Wild Card. I always thought it was up to me to choose how and when to deploy the dreaded Draw Four, usually if the player to my left was close to running out of cards. HAHA NOPE.

Uno via Facebook
Uno via Facebook

As it turns out, you're actually only allowed to play that card if you have no other playable cards in your hand. And if you think nobody is going to know because no one else can see your cards...think again. If another player suspects your Draw 4 Wild Card was played illegally, they’re allowed to challenge that, and you have to show that person your hand.

But don't take my word for it, here it is straight from the source at

Wild Draw Four – This acts just like the wild card except that the next player also has to draw four cards as well as forfeit his/her turn. With this card, you must have no other alternative cards to play that matches the color of the card previously played. If you play this card illegally, you may be challenged by the other player to show your hand to him/her. If guilty, you need to draw 4 cards. If not, the challenger needs to draw 6 cards instead.

Whoa. This is literally a real game-changer. Here are six more games that you're probably playing wrong.

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