Did someone say FREE?! Yep, I did! Or rather Wendy's did!

If you are a huge fan of Wendy's like me (let's be honest, I am biased because they started in my home state of Ohio) then this deal is for you. Wendy's is rolling out a new chicken sandwich and you can try it for FREE right here in the Cedar Valley!

According to People, Wendy's announced this week that they are debuting a new sandwich which is the Classic Chicken Sandwich. You are probably thinking "they already have a chicken sandwich".... which you are right about. So what makes this different from their regular chicken sandwiches you might ask?

Wendy's claims that this new Classic Chicken Sandwich has the perfect amount of crunch and is paired with a juicy flavor from the file. The Classic Chicken Sandwich is a crispy all-white chicken breast with mayo, tomato, lettuce and pickles. In fact, Wendy's is so confident in their new sandwich that they are replacing all of the chicken filets on their menu with this new recipe. Want to try it?

If this sounds delicious to you or you just want to see what it is all about, you can try it for free through November 8th in the Cedar Valley. Customers can get this free sandwich with any other purchase either at the location or through the app. You are allowed one free sandwich per week so you know what that means? You could actually get TWO free sandwiches if you go this week and next week!

So make sure to jump on this deal!

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