Perhaps the most underrated of all snack foods, pickles get a rap for being toppings, or side dishes. Hamburgers, Grilled Cheese, Sub Sandwiches and the occasional hot dog (Chicago Style) take away from the glory that is the pickle. Pickles, are so much more though, because you can enjoy them in so many different ways! Whole, sliced, wedges, and yes for you hadcore pickle officianados, pickle juice. With that said, I thought I'd share a fun quiz I took a little while ago, and explore what your pickle type means about your personality.

Answering a set of ten questions I found out that I'm the classic Bread And Butter Pickle! I'm sweet, and make others feel right at home while exuding comfort and joy. The Bread and Butter is the classic pickle wedge you find on hamburgers and chicken sandwiches, my favorite type. Take the quiz for yourself here!

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