Two teens were apprehended after a disturbance during the Famous Dex concert Saturday night in Waterloo.

The incident happened as fans were waiting for Chicago-based rapper to take the stage at the Electric Park Ballroom, part of the National Cattle Congress. Upper Deck Concerts promoter Rob Hocken described the events to The Courier:

Dex’s other guys performed, and Dex was on the microphone talking, but for some reason Famous Dex wanted everybody cleared off. And when we got everybody cleared off, he took off. It didn’t make any sense.

Famous Dex didn't exactly clear things up for fans:


Off-duty deputies with the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office were working at the venue. Video of the confrontation, shared on social media, showed a teenage female struggling with police. She and another teen were arrested for disorderly conduct.

Hocken stated that issues like these could lead to fewer shows in the area.

Disturbances can make local law enforcement think twice about staffing shows, and if law enforcement won’t participate, there won’t be shows ... Waterloo has got a good population, and they need a music scene. But if the crowd can’t control themselves, and the artist can’t control themselves, we don’t know what to do.

Unfortunately, I've noticed this a lot with these kinds of shows--things don't go as planned, the crowd gets rowdy and things escalate. It's a shame when the behavior of handful of people affects everyone else. Hopefully this won't have too much a negative impact and shows continue to come to the Cedar Valley.

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