Social media challenges seem to be the trend of 2019 no matter how dumb or unsafe they are. I mean we have had the "Bird box challenge," "Tide Pod challenge," or even the "Cinnamon challenge." All of those are either gross, stupid or dangerous (and yes, I have participated in one of those). So what is the new one that Iowa teens may be participating in?

The challenge is called the " Shell On" challenge. Basically, somebody films themselves eating food with the "shell on." This means they could be eating an entire peanut and its shell, a banana or orange with the peel, eating wrappers on a candy or granola bar and even taking it so far as biting through plastic wrap to eat a sandwich!

Sounds dumb right? Well, not only is it done but it's also a dangerous choking hazard and not to mention, there really is no reward in the end other than watching someone eat food. I still have not figured out the point of this challenge (if there even is one) but one thing is for sure, you will not see me getting in on this "fun." I think I will just wait until the next challenge comes out... you know in a day or so.



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