I've spent most of my life living in and around Iowa--the Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo--and I've NEVER heard of this. Am I missing something?

BuzzFeed asked its readers to list the best slang terms from each state. Now, to be fair "best" is a subjective term; what's best to you may be the worst to someone else. Still, Iowa's entry on this list baffles me, because I have absolutely NO IDEA what it is.



One submission defined padiddle as "what you yell when you see a car with one working headlight...then you promptly slap the roof of your car."

Seriously...WTF? Though it does seem like something Iowans would do if they were bored, I've never heard any one from Iowa EVER say or do this. Maybe I've been associating with the wrong people, but am I wrong? Have I been missing something all this time? Feel free to enlighten me...preferably with both headlights.

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