This could be one of the most Iowa things ever. Here's 'Crappy News' for Thursday, February 8th.

Rockwell, NC- A police officer has been arrested after robbing a bank.


Authorities say Deputy Jeff Athey went into a bank Tuesday afternoon, displayed a gun, and demanded money. Athey sped away in his car, but was caught by police FIVE MINUTES later.

Deputy Athey was fired immediately after his boss found out about the robbery. Police say all the stolen money was recovered.

Athey was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. He had been working for the Sheriff's Office in the civil division, where--fittingly--he was responsible for prisoner transport. [WFMY-TV]

He may have been a good cop, but he sure was a lousy criminal. This is a real "stick to your day job" situation here.

Chatham, Ontario, Canada- A woman sued her ex-boyfriend after he took off with a winning lottery ticket.

Lottery ticket

Back in September, 46-year-old Denise Robertson heard on the radio that a winning ticket had been sold in Chatham, but her boyfriend, 46-year-old Maurice Thibeault, said it wasn't theirs. However, Robertson came home the next day and found that Maurice had packed up and removed all of his clothes, his toiletries and most of his other personal items and his passport.

Turns out, he HAD bought the winning ticket, worth more than $6 million, and didn't want to split the prize. Robertson is suing Thibeault for her half of the jackpot plus punitive damages, claiming they had an agreement to share any winnings. [Toronto Star]

That's a pretty epic way to ghost somebody.

Afton, IA- A family had to fend off a cow stealing their mail.

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Erin Hudson posted a video on Facebook showing the cow wandering from a nearby lot and eating letters from the mailbox outside their home. The video--which has been seen about 8,000 times--also shows the cow retreat with an envelope in its mouth as Hudson's husband approaches.

The Hudsons said the cows get out of their pens often but have never messed with the mailbox before. [UPI]

I mean, think of the cool story you get to tell bill collectors now. "Just wanted to let you know this month's payment's gonna be late...a cow ate it."

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