Another Christmas has come and gone. And lookie there, among all the presents that were under the tree, Santa brought you a brand new Amazon Echo! Now you have ANOTHER way to listen to Q92.3!

You can check out The Slater Show, Johnny Marks, The 2K Lunch Buffet, PopCrush Nights, and today's hottest music anytime you want on your Alexa-enabled devices! Here's how:

  • Download the free Alexa app (find Apple version here or the Android version here).
  • Click here to enable the Q92.3 skill.

Once you've done all that...just tell Alexa to "play Q92.3" and enjoy! Still need more information or help getting started? Check out this guide for more help on using Alexa.

Want to see what fun games Alexa is capable of playing? Check out 115 fun options that will keep you busy.

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