A little soap and water is all it takes to stop your glasses from fogging... at least according to a few doctors.

Raise your hand if you have put on your face mask to practice quarantine rules and learning how to slow the spread of Coronavirus but you also wear glasses and now you have your hands full trying to stop the glasses fog and not touch your face. I can raise my hand for that and I am sure many of you can as well. So, what is the trick to stop the fog? Well, there may actually be an answer to that.

According to CNN, a medical journal has given some advice on this thanks to doctors input. It turns out all it takes is water and soap! According to the CNN, you must get your glasses wet and then lather on some soap and rinse gently with warm water. What this does is provides a protective layer on the glasses to allow more of an even surface tension which causes the water molecules to distribute evenly and stop fogging.

That's it! BOOM, fixed!

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