Could there be a change coming to the way you checkout at your favorite Target store? People are creatures of habit and anytime a possible small change happens that changes their routine, we tend to get upset and/or freak out. The good news for Target lovers is if this change is implemented, it could potentially help reduce wait times when checking out.

If you're able to go into a Target store and only buy the things you've got on your list, this probably won't affect you very much. If you're one of those Target shoppers who goes into the store for toothpaste and shampoo, and get to the checkout line with over $100 worth of items, you might not like this very much.

Unsplash - Shabaz Usmani
Unsplash - Shabaz Usmani

Possible Change at the Checkout Lines

When you're done shopping at Target and it's time to pay, you have the option to either go to a self-checkout line or go through a line that has a cashier. Normally, when I only have a couple of items, I'll do a quick self-checkout and be on my way. When I have a full cart, I'm going to a cashier.

Target may start to restrict some of the self-checkout lines for shoppers who are purchasing 10 items or less, according to Who13. Currently, Target is in the test phase of limiting self-checkouts to 10 items or less at a small number of stores. It has not been confirmed if this idea will be implemented at additional Target stores in the future.

Shoppers Prefer Human Interaction

John Mulligan is Target's COO and he spoke about the possible changes coming to self-checkouts. Supposedly, shoppers are showing they prefer using a cashier instead of self-checkouts. Self-checkout machines can malfunction, break, and face errors. Glitches can also occur while scanning items, etc.

If you've ever had a self-checkout machine malfunction while using it, you have to wave down an employee to assist you, which increases the wait time for everyone else in line. While the idea of self-checkouts is to speed up the buying process, this isn't always the case. Sometimes self-checkouts can actually take more time for shoppers.

According to CNN, other major brand stores like Walmart, Costco, and Shoprite have all revised their self-checkout strategies.

During a Target earnings call, John said

Since our goal is for Target to be the easiest place for our guests to shop, our teams have been focused on the front-of-store experience with the goal of providing consistently great service through the in-store checkout experience, along with drive-up and in-store pickup. Because our guests tell us they enjoy interacting with our team, since we’ve refocused on the front-end experience, we’ve seen more than a 6 percentage point increase in the usage of full-service lanes across the chain.

Will this possible change affect you? I personally don't remember the last time I purchased 10 or more items from Target. This will have a much bigger effect on my wife than it will on me if these changes make their way to Target stores in Iowa.

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