It takes our bodies a while to adjust to this cold Iowa weather. Today, our high (with the wind chill) is only 13 degrees. Yippee...

But fear not because they do adapt. Studies have found we tend to shiver more at the beginning of winter than at the end. Because by January, we're used to it. Of course at this rate we'll be use it before Thanksgiving...

Here are a couple ways to prep your body for another cold Iowa winter:

The fast way: Spend more time in the cold, and LET yourself be cold.  Don't bundle up every time you go out for a few minutes. Or just wear a light jacket, not a coat. Obviously don't do anything dangerous. But the idea is the more you're exposed to cold weather, the faster you'll adapt. Turning your thermostat down also helps.

The really fast way: Start taking COLD SHOWERS. The U.S. Army has put a lot of money into studying how our bodies adapt to the cold. And they found that cold showers and baths really speed things up. One expert says to go slow by starting your shower off with 15 seconds of cold water before warming it up. Then each day, add 10 more seconds of cold water.

After a while, your body gets used to the cold. So your blood vessels don't constrict as much you're less likely to shiver and cold weather won't bother you.

Or you could try this sure fire method: Move to Florida.


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