A simple smell can remind you of a place, a date, a memory. Maybe it is the smell of the ocean that reminds you of those family vacations of laying on the beach all day. Maybe the smell of pancakes reminds you of Sunday morning breakfasts with your family. Maybe the smell of crayons reminds you of art class. Whatever it is, the sense of smell is the most unique way to jog our memories.

So what would say the smell of Iowa be? If you grew up in Iowa what would be the smell of "home" for you? Is it farmland? Fresh air? Whether you know it or not, a candle company by the name of "Homesick" has created candles, reed diffusers, essential oils and so on that represent what each state and different countries smell like.

According to "Homesick", if Iowa were a candle it would smell like a day at the state fair combining smells like nutty praline, cream, butter, white musk, bourbon and cedar wood. Combined all together it gives you those warm and fuzzy Hawkeye feelings. So if you are looking for that perfect candle to remind you of home during this pandemic you can buy one or all 50 states and have a plethora of smells for those of you with a candle obsession.

Iowans Show Off Their Hawkeye Spirit


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