Pharmacy chain CVS, which has four locations in the Cedar Valley and is the largest pharmacy chain in the country, announced today its planning to pull the heartburg drug Zantac from store shelves.

CVS Pharmacy says they are suspending all versions of the popular drug after the Food and Drug Administration announced earlier this month, that some of the pills contained small amounts of a substance that could cause cancer.

Zantac has not actually been recalled and the FDA has not recommended patients stop taking the drugs, but CVS is looking to be proactive and not take any chances.

This choice by the pharmacy giant adds to a whirlwind of worldwide concern about the drug. Manufacturers of the pills generic form, ranitidine, have also announced recalls, and other some other countries have also requested that companies halt distribution of the drug or issue a full recall.

Customers who have already purchased the products are encouraged to return them to a nearby CVS store for a full refund.


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