There are plenty of incredible mysteries that we may never learn the answers to.

Why do cows tend to face north or south while eating? Was Princess Diana's death really an accident? Was Courtney Love involved with Kirt Cobain's death? Was the moon landing filmed in an Arizona desert? Did aliens build the pyramids? I could go on for a while but I have some good news for you. We have the answer to at least one of life's greatest mysteries...

Which direction should your toilet paper roll face? In my opinion, this should completely end this debate as a lot of people are going to realize they've been doing this wrong for years. Should the toilet paper roll hang over or under?

Unsplash - Nik
Unsplash - Nik

Does the Roll Go Under Or Over?

Before revealing the answer, I will say I can understand why some parents might do this. Whether you have young kids or you're a pet parent, hanging the roll with the toilet paper going under can help prevent kids or pets from making a mess and wasting your roll. It's not foolproof but it can help.

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However, the toilet paper hanging under the roll was not the way the inventor, Seth Wheeler intended it to be. According to CNet, Seth Wheeler was from Albany, New York, and in 1891 he patented a toilet paper roll with tear-off sheets.

Here is the original patent from 1891, which clearly shows the direction the toilet paper has been intended to roll. Show this picture to anyone in your life who's been living the wrong way.

There's More

This has been such a big conversation on the internet over the years, that this has actually been studied by scientists. Putting toilet paper to roll over the top is considered cleaner. If you place your TP to roll under, it can potentially touch the wall, which could transfer germs, grime, and micro amounts of feces particles.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the room of scientists who woke up one day and decided it was time to study "toilet paper etiquette."

We might never learn the answers if the CIA had a hand in JFK's assassination, if Prince Charles is a Vampire, or if Bigfoot is out there, but I think we safely put to bed which direction the toilet paper roll is supposed to face.

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