This could've ended VERY badly. Props to the police for stepping in. Here's "Crappy News" for Monday, March 18th, 2019.

Sayre, OK- This woman did something really dumb...but at least she did it with flair.


Police say 40-year-old Kerri Jo Hickman drove Sunday morning to the North Fork Correctional Center and used a t-shirt gun to blast a package over the fence.

Prison officials intercepted the parcel, which contained marijuana, methamphetamine, tobacco, cell phones, ear buds, chargers, and digital scales. Corrections officers tailed Hickman's vehicle, and she was eventually pulled over by Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

A search of Hickman’s car revealed the t-shirt gun and a second illicit package. She's facing felony counts of introducing contraband into a correctional institution, drug trafficking, and conspiracy. [The Smoking Gun]

When she gets out of jail, she may have a future as a sports mascot.

Lincoln, NE- Police were called to a Papa John's store Wednesday night after a report of a break-in.


Employees said the suspect threw a cinder block at a window before holding up a cardboard sign that read "Give me everything in the register."

Witnesses said the suspect was armed...with a pair of drumsticks. Employees didn't give him any cash and he left the store. Officers saw 33-year-old Joseph Peterson walking in the area, and he matched the description of the suspect.

Police found the drumsticks and the sign and arrested Peterson for misdemeanor criminal mischief and attempted robbery. [Lincoln Journal Star]

Mountain View, CA- This dude was REALLY mad at YouTube.

Google Germany Opens Berlin Representation Office
Carsten Koall/Getty Images

33-year-old Kyle Long attempted to drive across the country from his home in Maine to Google's California headquarters to confront the company.

Authorities became aware of the possible threat on Friday after Long's vehicle got stuck in a ditch in Adair County, Iowa. Police say Long told them he was mad at Google for allegedly deleting his YouTube channel, and that if the meeting didn't go well he was going to resort to violence.

Iowa State Patrol alertly made a call to police in Maine, who then notified authorities in California.

Long was later arrested for making criminal threats. In a twist, Long's wife--not YouTube--was the one who shut down the channel. Long's dad says he hopes the arrest will help provide Kyle with the psychiatric care he needs. [Dexerto]

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