In honor of Giving Tuesday, its a nice reminder that doing a good deed doesn't take a lot of effort but can make all the difference in someone's life. So here is the question.... have you done your good deed today Iowa?

According to a new survey found the average American does five good deeds a month. As great as that is we could definitely do more. Here are the most common deeds that people do every day as a reminder of what you can do for someone else.

1. Giving someone directions

2. Holding a door for a stranger

3.  Letting someone with fewer items cut in line at the store

4.  Helping someone cross the street

5.  Doing a chore or errand for a family member or friend

6.  Adding a small donation to charity when you check out at the store

7.  Donating clothes to a thrift store

8.  Helping someone carry their groceries

9.  Returning a lost item

10.  Paying for a stranger's meal

Remember good deeds don't have to be huge. Basically smiling at a stranger to help start their day off right or just saying hi can be a good deed. So spread the kindness today and every day by trying to do one good deed a day.

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