As a kid, the best part of trick-or-treating was emptying your bucket or bag of goodies and finding your favorite candies. Every neighborhood had the "bad" houses that handed out stuff like raisins (seriously...why??) and the "good" houses that doled out superior sweets. This list recognizes the latter, those Halloween heroes who stepped up and provided quality confections. (also known as "the place I want to work if radio doesn't pan out") researched a decade's worth of sales data to find every state's most popular Halloween candy. Check out the map below for the top-seller in each state:

Well done, Iowa. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups took the #1 spot with nearly 59,000 pounds sold. M&Ms were solidly in second place, and Butterfinger was third. Excellent choices all the way around!

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - 58,974 lbs.

2. M&Ms - 53,982 lbs.

3. Butterfinger - 25,782 lbs.

Honorable mention goes to all the states that included either: A) Sour Patch Kids, B) Starburst, or C) Skittles. It doesn't have to be chocolate to be a contender.

However...other states SERIOUSLY missed the mark. Lemonheads were the most popular in Louisiana, Life Savers took #1 in Delaware. Montana buys the gum the most--Dubble Bubble seems exciting, until the flavor goes away after about 30 seconds. Even worse? Candy corn was #1 in SIX different states (Alabama, Michigan, New Mexico, Idaho, Rhode Island, and South Carolina). Candy corn is definitely more "trick" than "treat."

Oh, well. At least Necco Wafers were nowhere to be seen. Here's the full list.

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